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Tutorial: Pokemon QR Codes

I have a group of children who are absolutely obsessed with Pokemon Go. We have used wooden blocks as phones and thrown red mobilo in order to catch “Christmas Pikachu”. So what better way to get some engagement in phonics than combining to two!

The idea being that children use iPods with a QR Code reader and ‘catch’ the Pokemon by reading what pops up on the screen!

I have written a tutorial on how I did this and have also included my QR codes as a free download – click below to carry on reading!

How it is done:

1. Collect the images you will be using (be it Pokemon or any other characters that link to children’s interests/themes)

2. Create your QR Codes using an online generator. I often use

Click on ‘Text’ and then type what ever it is you want the QR Code to show. Then press ‘Create QR Code’ and the greyed QR Code should turn black. You can download it to your computer or just copy/paste into your document before creating the next.

There are various online generators which are free to use, though you may be required to pay a small amount if you are wanting to use extras such as showing an image or video when scanning a QR Code.

3. Put together your images and QR code – I generally do this in Microsoft PowerPoint but any similar software would work. Just open your images or copy/paste and arrange however you like.

4. Print, cut, laminate.

5. Attach to areas in your classroom/outdoor area – I generally leave extra laminate around the sides to holepunch and then attach using cable ties.

6. Depending on your activity, you may want to create a record sheet e.g. if you were doing CVC words then a record sheet of the matching images for children to cross off.

My version:

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